EEA Grants

EWC and EEA Grants – criteria for selection of partners and projects

EWC receives many requests to be a Norwegian donor partner for NGOs and others in countries eligible for EEA Grants. In order to select which partners and project proposals the EWC should support and cooperate with, the following criteria applies:

• Thematic relevance – projects have to correspond to EWC’s field of work and strategic priorities
• Projects should be relevant for EWC programmes and projects
• Projects should contribute to building EWC institutional capacity and strengthen staff’s competences
• The project partner should be well established and experienced
• As much as possible, EWC should be part of the whole process of project development
• Geography – where the projects take place and where the project partner operates should be considered in view of the outreach of other EWC activities
• Direct links to CoE priorities and programmes would be an advantage.

Template for requests:

1. Please indicate the topics of your project
2. Please give a brief description of your project
3. Please give a brief description of your organization or institution with contact information
4. Please indicate which role you foresee for EWC in your project

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Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

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