Completed projects

Here are some of EWC's previous projects in the field of education for democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural understanding

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Nordic Countries

School leaders and teachers from 13 schools in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will take part in a 3-day training at Utøya as part of the Nordic pilot programme on ‘Teaching Controversial Issues and Managing Controversy in the Nordic countries’, organized by EWC in partnership with the ministries of education in all countries. Participants will work with concrete tools and recommendations on how to engage young people in democratic dialogue about controversial issues through a whole school approach. For the programme, Council of Europe manuals have been translated to the Nordic languages. 


Dembra aims to build democratic preparedness against racism and antisemitism in Norwegian schools. After an initial four year pilot period in the Oslo area, it is now being extended to new regions in Norway.

Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools

"Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools” is a national capacity building project in Greece supported by the EEA/Norway Grants. It will start in the school year 2019-2020 and involve 150 secondary schools by 2022. It will be implemented by The European Wergeland Centre (EWC) under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

Schools for Democracy in Ukraine (2015-2017)

A three-year national programme in Education for Democratic Citizenship aimed to support reforms in the secondary education and strengthen national dialogue and social cohesion between different regions of Ukraine.

Regional Summer Academy Poland

The Regional Summer Academy "Democracy at School" promotes education for democratic citizenship in Poland, Russia and Eastern Partnership countries.

Conference Programme

Please note that the conference has already taken place.


How can the study of religions and non-religious world views contribute to intercultural education in schools in Europe? That is the question which Signposts– Policy and practice for teaching about religions and non-religious world views in intercultural education tries to answer 

Learning Democracy at Utøya– Polish-Norwegian Youth Meetings

POLIN Museum of History of the Polish Jews and The European Wergeland Centre (EWC) offer a 3-day workshop in Norway for teams of students (16-19 years old) and teachers from upper secondary schools in Poland and Norway. The seminar is followed by student-led activities at school. 

Regional Summer Academy Montenegro

The South East Europe Regional Summer Academy "Human Rights in Action" promotes human rights education in South East Europe.

Parallel Panel Sessions

Background notes for parallel panel sessions held Thursday November 15. and Friday 16. and the presentations of the speakers may be found here.

Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda

The project “Information vs manipulation – How to stand up against propaganda?” promotes critical thinking and media literacy among students in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Break the bonds of fear

“Break the bonds of fear- say no to hate” is a one year project developed and implemented by EWC and The Human Rights Defence Centre (KEPAD) aimed at building democratic resilience in Greek school communities.

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