Regional Conference in Tbilisi

The regional cooperation component of the Schools for Democracy programme aims to share experiences on how to develop competences for democratic culture (CDC) in schools, between educators from Ukraine and other countries in the region.

EWC hosts study visit led by Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science

On November 11-12 EWC welcomed a delegation led by Ukraine’s Minister of Education and Science, Hanna Novosad. The purpose of the visit was to get familiar with the Norwegian pre-school system, as Ukraine is planning to develop a new strategy for this sector.

New EWC Project launched in Athens

“Schools for All – Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools” officially launched in Athens on October 31st, marking the start of 3 years of training and mentoring for up to 150 secondary schools in Greece with reception classes for refugee children.

Ways forward for Human Rights Education in Europe and Asia

Human Rights Education has progressed in both Europe and Asia, but there are still many unresolved issues.  EWC’s Executive Director Ana Perona-Fjeldstad presented trends, common challenges and possible ways forward at the 19th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights Education & Training in Tromsø, Norway 4-6 November.

Practicing Citizenship Networking Conference in Montenegro

At the end of October, 68 participants from 30 regions of the Russian Federation attended the Networking Conference of the Practicing Citizenship programme. For 3 days, the representatives of civil society organizations, universities, schools and other educational institutions had a chance to learn about the programme and opportunities it provides for their educational practice.

EWC trainer wins prestigious award in Ukraine

EWC is proud to congratulate our Schools for Democracy trainer Natalia Kidalova on winning the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2019. Starting at 3000 candidates Natalia was announced as number one in Kyiv October 5th. Here, she talks about her many experiences working as a teacher for over two decades, and we get to hear about the school of her dreams.

EWC provides external evaluation of new project in Portugal

“Education for Global Citizenship” promotes cooperation between NGOs and schools, with an aim to achieve systemic change in citizenship education. Three associations consisting of NGOs and schools from different areas in Portugal are at the core of the project.

Last year's Greek Academy as starting point for integration of refugee children into main classes

Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools: About the project

Eight schools with afternoon classes for refugee children used their participation in the Greek Academy 2018 as a starting point for integration into main classes. By the end of last year all schools had in various ways included the refugee children in the ordinary school, allowing for interaction and integration with other students.

EWC in panel debate on right-wing extremism and prevention in the classroom

On October 3rd, EWC’s Ingrid Aspelund participated in a panel discussion organised by our partner the 22 July Centre in Oslo. The topic addressed was the role of schools in preventing right-wing extremism, hate speech and intolerance. 

Norway increases support for education for democracy

There is a substantial demand for education for democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural understanding in Europe which is also reflected in the higher level of activities provided by the European Wergeland Centre. Recognising this situation, Norway has increased the core funding of the centre with 1,3 million kroner (NOK) in the National Budget for 2020. In addition, it increases the funding of the programme “22 July and Democratic Citizenship” to 5 million NOK (up 60%).

Call for trainers to EWC project in Greece

Integration of Refugee Children in Greek Schools / Calls

This call is now closed. On behalf of the project’s team, we would like to inform all the applicants that the evaluation procedure is still in progress. The applicants, who will be selected to pass to the next evaluation stage, will be informed by email. We have received a great number of applications,something that made the Evaluation Committee’s work even harder. We would really like to thank all the applicants  for their interest.

EWC goes on exchange visit to Zürich University of Teacher Education

Two days of sharing experiences and ideas, as well as challenges and possible areas of cooperation, when the EWC team visited the Department for International Projects in Education (IPE) at the Zürich University of Teacher Education August 28-30, 2019.

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